Expert: Oil each morning should pray for the USSR and its heritage - they are debtors of the 70's and 80's

Expert: Oil each morning should pray for the USSR and its heritage - they are debtors of the 70's and 80'sThe paradigm of "oil needle" - pumping irreplaceable resources for the budget - should be replaced by the paradigm of the "oil for development". This means that the oil industry, on the formation and development of which worked industry of the USSR, now must in some sense to "repay the debt" - and to ensure industrial development in modern Russia. This was stated by the Chairman of the Movement development Yury Krupnov.See also:-->"Yes, God be with her, to processing". As gitarista determined the future of the Russian oil industry"Miners oil must every morning to start by thanking the great legacy of the Soviet Union. The USSR has created all the prerequisites, in particular, opened the great Tyumen field, began to design the East Siberian development. Only due to the fact that the Soviet Union was printed money and invested hundreds of billions of dollars in Tyumen swamps, our oil today can pump oil and make a profit. Read more -->

The government has banned GMO

The government has banned GMOThe Russian government has approved a bill to ban the cultivation and breeding of genetically modified plants and animals. The decision was made at today's meeting.See also:-->The population of Russia has experienced GMO weaponsThe bill introduces the procedures for release of GMOs into the environment and monitoring the impact on human health and the environment the organisms and products of their content. Importers of products with GMO is expected to be required to undergo the necessary registration. . . . Read more -->

The poultry Sredneuralskaya" again "stormy": Sberbank requires to recognize the company bankrupt

The poultry SredneuralskayaThe poultry Sredneuralskaya" (belongs to the Sverdlovsk region, approx.) again "storm". Sberbank requires to recognize the company incurred on loans of more than 250 million rubles, bankrupt. At the present time the bankruptcy case is considered in the Arbitration court of Sverdlovsk oblast, BelTA .See also:-->Still afloat: the court rejected the claim for recognition of Sredneuralskaya poultry bankrupt-->The appointment of the head Sredneuralskaya poultry finally confirmed officially-->At Sredneuralskaya poultry new leadership cannot solve even the current issuesAccording to the materials of the case, Sberbank entered in the bankruptcy case of poultry in a suit filed late last year by the company "agrarians". Sredneuralskaya" owed her about 900 thousand rublesAs explained in the press service of the Ural Bank of Sberbank of Russia, at present, poultry Sredneuralskaya has overdue debt on credits order 252,2 million rubles"In February of 2014, the Bank restructured the debts of the company, including overdue. However, the terms of the restructuring were not met: the borrower newly admitted arrears, the financial position of the company deteriorated. In this regard, the Bank is taking steps to recover the debt in court", - commented on the situation in the press service.Court session on the recognition of poultry bankrupt scheduled for February 24.Recall that the scandals Sredneuralskaya" not subside for a long time. Read more -->

Novosibirsk Minister urged residents for food security in the country to return to the plots

Novosibirsk Minister urged residents for food security in the country to return to the plotsMinister of industry and trade of the Novosibirsk region Nikolai Simonov urged area residents to return to planting vegetables in suburban areas, so as not to expose threats to food security of the country."I believe that we need to appeal to the population to it in 2015 returned to the gardens, which are thrown back to the gardens. The problem should be solved for potato production, calmly, thoroughly, without hype. You need to give people the opportunity to potatoes was planted, because food security consists of security of each particular family, " said Simonov, head of the regional headquarters for food security, the Agency RBC.According to the Minister, in the region of little farmers, so the potatoes are grown mainly on personal vegetable gardens, and municipal authorities should intensify efforts to create social fairs, where food can be purchased at lower prices than in stores."I think we need to prepare for the spring and certain social groups to find a way to give, to help, to find an opportunity to provide for themselves," said Simonov.Simonov also reminded that the region is supplied with food, however, in the first two weeks of January, the rise in food prices exceeded the same indicator of the last four months of 2014, said Simonov. . . . Read more -->

"Uralkhimmash" paid the debt. The total debt amounted to more than two million rubles

Bailiffs Chkalovsky district of Ekaterinburg sought with "Ural plant of chemical engineering" more than two million rubles in favor of two legal persons.As reported in the press service of ofsp in Sverdlovsk region, the bailiffs over two Executive production of debt with OAO Uralkhimmash" in favor of the company "Technoservice" and JSC "Sibirenergoholding". The first plant owes 711 170 thousand rubles, without performing any obligation to pay periodic interest payments (royalties) from the sale of the vacuum filter."Sibirenergoinvestu" the debtor did not specified in the contract, the goods, for which "appeared" fine more than half a million rubles.The court bailiff was brought two enforcement proceedings, on each of which was followed by a series of events. On both enforcement proceedings were issued regulations concerning the collection of money for the performing collection - seven percent of each amount of the debt. . . . Read more -->

Land in the Tyumen region in the first plan to provide families with a disabled child

Land in the Tyumen region in the first plan to provide families with a disabled childFor three years in the Tyumen region large families with three or more children were given 2 592 thousand land plots with a total area of 331,6 hectare. The results of the provision of free land, as well as possible changes in the rules of allocation of plots were discussed at the next meeting of the Presidium of the regional government.As told in the press service of the Governor of the region, land received 26% of all applicants. Only in the region taken on record 9 915 thousand families. The most difficult situation is in Tyumen, where the number of available land suitable for allocation under individual housing construction, too insignificant.At the meeting it was noted that in the near future in laws will be amended, according to which land in the first place will be given to large families with a disabled child. As one of the grounds for granting the land plot will be discussed with members of the criterion in the improvement of housing conditions. In addition, one of the amendments to the law may provide the right to stand in line to earth in the Tyumen region large families who arrived in the region of the Yamal-Nenets and Khanty-Mansiysk-Yugra. Read more -->

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